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Biomechanics and
Health Lab

Techniques and equipment used in the Biomechanics and Health Lab

1. High speed 2D and 3D photogrammetry:

  • VICON system for motion capture and analysis: 7 T10 infrared and high speed cameras and infrared light emitters.
  • 2 Sony HD digital cameras with a recording frequency of up to 100 Hz interlaced.
  • 2 Casio Exilim F1 cameras. Video recording at frequencies between 60 and 1200 Hz.
  • Canon miniDV camcorder.
2. Electromyography for muscle function assessment:

Muscle Tester ME6000 (Mega Electronics Ltd., Kuopio, Finland). Eight-channel portable and telemetric microcomputer with an 8-channel A/D conversion (14 bit resolution), a common-mode rejection ratio of 110 dB and a band-pass filter of 8-500 Hz. Accessories: waterproof cover and cables for underwater recording, ME4ISO MEGA isolation unit for signal synchronization, load cell, electrogoniometers, accelerometers, etc.

3. Dynamometry:

  • Isokinetic dynamometer BIODEX SYSTEM 4 PRO (Enraf ​​Nonius-Ibérica S.A).
  • 2 triple-axis force platforms KISTLER 9286AA-BA, 600×400 mm.
  • 2 triple-axis force platforms KISTLER 9287CA, 900×600 mm.
  • Isometric dynamometer ISO CONTROL (Globus, Italy).
4. Accelerometry and electronic goniometry:

  • Triple-axis accelerometers (Biometrics Ltd., UK).
  • Dual axis goniometers SG-110 and SG-150/B and torsiometer Q-110 (Biometrics Ltd., UK).