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Sport Research Center

The Sport Research Center (CID) is formed by researchers who approach the study of human movement from different perspectives, both biological, behavioral and social.

The general aim of this center is the multidimensional analysis of the determining variables that involve participation in physical activity and sports, as well as sports performance.

The mission of the CID is to promote and develop innovative and high-quality research in the field of physical activity and sport, with the intention of contributing to the scientific development of this area of ​​study. Therefore, the CID aims to promote scientific communication of the results obtained from research in scientific media, stimulating interdisciplinary cooperation, and promoting research, development and transfer of research results, to achieve a significant impact on professional activity in the fields related to research topics.

The CID will also create an appropriate environment for training and education of researchers, in cooperation with other national and international research centers.

As specific objectives:

  • Translational research in the field of physical activity and sport.
  • Analysis of the processes of human movement control and its variations produced by the effect of training.
  • To analyze the efficacy and safety of different physical conditioning exercises using electromyographic, kinematic and dynamometric techniques.
  • To analyze the sports technique from the mechanical point of view and its implications on performance.
  • Study of the biological and behavioral effect of training loads.
  • Analysis of teaching-learning processes in physical activity and sports.
  • Study of motivational factors in physical activity and sport.