Analysis and Optimization of
Sports Training Lab

Techniques and equipment used in the Analysis and Optimization of Sports Training Lab

1. Rest and effort ECG, and cardiorespiratory exercise tests:

  • Treadmill (Technogym Run Med).
  • Ergometer (Technogym Bike Med).
  • Ergometer (Monark Ergomedic 839 E).
  • Portable gas analyser (Cosmed K4b2)1, complementary ECG monitoring module (Cosmed Quark T12x)2 and blood pressure (Suntech Medical Tango+)3.
  • Gas analyser (MasterScreen CPX) with specific software.
2. Body composition analysis:

  • Bioimpedance analyser (Tanita)4.
  • Anthropometer (Harpenden)5.
  • Skinfold calliper (Holtain)6.
3. Individual and collective analysis of heart rate and GPS tracking.:

  • Heart rate devices (Polar RS200, RS800, V800, S625X).
  • Heart device for team sports (Polar Team2)7 with specific software.
  • GPS with heart rate transmitter (FRWS B600)8.
  • GPS SP1 elite con triaxial accelerometer.
  • Hear rate device with GPS tracking (Garmin VIVOactive).
  • Heart rate strap with Bluetooth connexion (Polar H7).
4. Portable blood lactate analyser:

  • 3 Portable blood lactate analyser (Lactate Scout).
5. Quantification of glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol in peripheral blood: Portable analyser (Accutrend GCT).

6. Quantification of biomolecules by enzyme-immuno-assay (ELISA):

  • 96-well microplate reading system, with nanometer-precision monochromator, and reading range including visible and ultraviolet light.
  • Semi-automatic microplate washing system.
  • Cryopreservation of human biological samples.
7. Assessment of muscle strength:

  • 2 Lineal encoder T-Force9 with specific software.
  • 1 Lineal encoder (ChronoJump) with specific software.
  • Handgrip dynamometer (Saehan)10.
  • Contact platform (Globus)11.
8. Speed assessment.:

  • 2 photocells (Fotocélulas Globus).
9. Powermeters:

  • Indoor trainer Wahoo Kickr.
  • Heart rate straps with power output estimation (Powercal).
  • Powermeters Powertap.